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To Whom It May Concern:

Ms. *** has been working as the assistant of president at Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. ** ** Branch from 2**.

Her request for a temporary leave from her position between July 2** to ** 2** has been approved. Ms. *** will accompany her son, L***, to go to ** and will come back to our company.


Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. *** Branch

准 假 证 明







This is to certify that Mr. ******(male, born on Oct.29, 1975) has been offered a three-month leave-of-absence in order to visit his wife in the United States. The leave-of-absence begins Feb.1, 23 and ends April 3, 23.

Certifier (signature):


The Personal Section Of ****

Dec. 31,22


国家名称:法国 使馆名称:法国驻华大使馆

签证类型:旅游签证 签证有效期:3个月

法国签证所需时间:5—7个工作日 法国签证所需费用:136元



以下为您此次签证申请的必需资料. 所有的复印件必须是A4纸:










1、结婚证原件 (如果户口本能证明亲属关系,可以无需提供)、复印件、翻译件

11、工作单位证明原件(由雇主出具的写明当事人姓名、职务、月收入和允许其因赴法请假的证明原件,该证明材料上须标明雇主的地址、联系方式,加盖公司印章,还须写上开具该证明的负责人的职务、姓名并由其签字。且写明谁将承担当事人在法国和申根区期间所有费用。公司证明必须由公司管理人员亲笔签名。)、翻译件 (若原件为中文,则须提供法文或英文翻译件) 单位准假信(英文模板)


13、银行存折或银行卡最近三个月的进出账单复印件 (如申请者不满18岁或无业,就提供父母或配偶的账单复印件)、翻译件








签证请假条模板Visa leave template

关于签证请假条模板Visa leave template的延伸阅读-- 关于请假的英语作文


The 1 eye

In order to further standardize the staff leave management, special provisions.

2 scope of application

This regulation applies to all the workers in the factory ( including the probation period .).

The 3 content

3.1 of all the departments in the factory employees because of personal need to handle or was sick and unable to work, must apply for leave.

3.2 the employee should fill in the" leave alone", indicating the reason for leave and leave category, by deputy and competent leadership signed evacuation administration division record, staff leave during the transaction and responsibility by deputy bear.

3.3 employee categories and rules accumulated time.

3.3.1 leave employees who handle personal affairs to personally deal to work, can apply for a leave of absence. apply for leave must advance fill in the" leave alone", with the Department Director and management department approval for the effective. leave minimal leave unit for half a day, the monthly total of not more than 3 days. staff to apply for leave of absence, the year a total of not more than 30 days, in violation of the provisions of the automatic separation processing. month leave will be included in the employee attendance, leave wage accounting by the factory salary management system" execution".

3.3.2 sick leave staff due to illneor accident, can from county level above hospital diagnosis proof" or" medical certificates to apply for sick leave. sick leave the annual cumulative time shall not exceed 40 days, requiring hospitalization or accomplishment, not more than 3 months (including outpatient period of sick leave ). due to a serious illness, the need for extended treatment, in light of the specific situation by the plant leadership approval of discretion. annual accumulative total exceeds the specified number of days of sick leave, to leave processing.

3.3.3 marriage in accordance with the relevant state laws, and has handled marriage registration formalities, may be granted 7 days holiday. please marriage should be the application 15 days in advance, and a marriage certificate" copy". marriage including holiday. marriage during normal attendance calculation according to attendance, leave not deduct wages.

3.3.4 condole with false employees immediate family members of death, can ask for 3 days leave sympathies. condole not deduct wages. But afterwards should submit a village ( or office ) over the relevant units according to the employee relationship with the deceased proof.

3.3.5 maternity leave female employee in accordance with the regulations and policies of the state, but please maternity leave 90 days ( 15 days off the prenatal, postnatal day 75 ), not paid maternity leave. as maternity leave over time, the plant manager visa visible with sick leave, shall not exceed 30 days, according to the actual deduction of wages, but not included in the total number of days of sick leave.

3.3.6 injury leave employees during working hours, work-related injuries, diagnosis by the hospital temporarily unable to work, need some downtime duration for the industrial injury leave. at or above the county level hospital demonstrated need to continue treatment and recuperation of the injury can please leave. staff during injury incurred while working on my salary, 100% meter.

3.3.7 vacation where factories worked continuously for six months, since seventh months began to enjoy this holiday. staff for a transfer vacation, the year a total of not more than 12 days, an application shall not exceed 2 days, calculated by adjusting vacation during the normal attendance attendance. years accumulative total exceeds a specified number of days. Leave, to leave processing.

3.4 employees procedures did not apply for a leave or vacation without contracts with please without hillock, considered to be absent from work, in serious cases will be expelled from the treatment.

4 holiday approval

4.1 for 1 days, by the departments in charge of visa, or considered to be absent from work;

4.2 for 1 ~ 3 days (including 3 days), to a department manager signed, or denied, considered to be absent from work;

4.3 for 3 days or more, to a department manager, deputy general manager for approval, or considered to be absent from work;

4.4 staff leave by the Department Supervisor or deputy general manager of vise, send administrative department for record;

4.5 department managers employees by deputy general manager of vise, send administrative department for the record;

4.6 emergency or temporary major matters, not be handled, it shall go through the formalities.

Responsibility 5

5.1 staff leave, should advance to fill in the" leave alone" and attach the relevant certificate, according to the approval authority departments approved the petition.


5.2 because of special circumstances, failure of prior for the leave, should be by telephone to the supervisor for leave and inform the administrative section, and in the false work after the approval formalities for leave, otherwise, do absenteeism processing.

5.3 more than leave period overdue back, should use the telephone to the supervisor for the day, work up contracts procedures. Otherwise the absenteeism processing.

The 5.4 leave to provide the necessary documents, must be true. Such as false proof, will make a serious violation of discipline processing.

6 annex

6.1 the right to interpret the provisions of the administrative department.

6.2 the provisions shall promulgate the implementation date.


1," Absence"

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